Funeral Announcements

When you lose a loved one, it is usually necessary to announce this loss to friends, family and the general public.  Funeral announcements can be used to inform the public of death, and to give details of funeral and memorial services.  There are many different ways that you can make these announcements.  Here are a few commonly used ways of informing the public of a loved one’s passing:

Newspaper — This is sill the most common way of announcing a death. The announcement is usually published in the deceased
hometown newspaper.  Your funeral director or celebrant can help you write your funeral announcement, and usually has guidance for submitting to the newspaper, and pricing information.  You can also contact the paper directly to get more information.

Written Announcement Cards — Sometimes the family can decide to send out funeral announcement cards to friends and family.   You can get these cards done professionally or you can do them yourself.  If you choose to create them yourself, you can use a template to simplify the process.  Funeral announcment card templates can come in a variety of layouts and sizes, including a small flat card as well as a notecard format. Written cards can also serve as memorial keepsakes.  Many people choose to put photos and other special notes.  These cards

Online and through email — Going online to announce a death is a non-traditional, but very effective way to let the public  know about your loss.  You can send announcements via email, post to memorial websites, and even create pages on social media to get the word out.

What should be included in an announcement:

  • The person’s full name, date of death and maybe their age
  • Immediate family relationships
  • A one sentence statement of who they were (for example, “Mr. Jones served for 37 years in the Air National Guard.” )
  • The date, time and location for the funeral or memorial service
  • You may want to share the cause of death
  • You can include information

An announcement can be made even when no service will be held: In the event a service has already been held, or none is planned, it is still appropriate to announce your loss. Taking the time to announce the loss of a loved one is a considerate way to include others who would like to remember their life.