Funeral Program Template Cover Photo

Adding Funeral Program Photos and Images

Funeral and memorial program photos, pictures and images are a very important part of your memorial stationery.  You can add photos and images to your funeral program template quickly and easily.

Adding a Cover Photo to your Funeral Program Template

Using the Placeholder Box

  • Click in the “placeholder” cover photo box and delete the “Place Photo Here” text.
  • With Cursor still in placeholder photo box, Go to Insert | Picture From File on the Word Main Menu. Navigate to where your picture is located. Click Insert.
  • Photo should be inserted in placeholder box on front cover. Depending on the size of your picture, you may need to re-adjust text or re-size your cover image.

Copying and Pasting the photo from another document.

Your can copy and paste a photo from another document to add it to the cover.

  • Copy the picture that you want to use
  • Select the cover background image and then Paste the photo in.  By selecting the cover image first, the photo will “float” on top of the cover, allowing you to easily move and manipulate the photo.

Drawing a New Autoshape and adding a picture to it

You may want a more control over your cover photo, or you may want to put it in a different autoshape.  You can do this by simply deleting the existing photobox and following these directions:

  • Click on the edge of the existing photobox and delete it.
  • Draw a new autoshape Click “Insert” | “Shape” from the main menu.  Select the shape that you want.  Go to the cover, click and drag you mouse to draw the shape that you want.
  • Once the Shape is drawn, Select the “Shapes” Properties.
  • Select the “Lines and Fill” Tab.  Click the “Fill Effects” Button
  • Click the Picture Tab and select the picture that you want to insert.
  • Double Click the picture that you want, and click OK.
  • Click OK again to close out the Autoshape Properties box and your picture should be inserted into the Autoshape.