Funeral Program Template Editing

Editing Text in Funeral Program Template

You can quickly and easily edit the text in our funeral program templates.  Our templates use text boxes to hold all text.

  • Simply select the pre-formatted text and remove it.
  • Replace the text with your own information.
  • You can also remove the text, then cut and paste from another document.

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Cutting and Pasting from a different document.

It is quite common for customers to cut and paste information into the template from another document.

Be aware that when cutting and pasting from another document, the original document formatting may be inserted in the funeral program template text box. This original formatting may include font size, color, special effects, etc. This could potential cause disruption of the existing layout, such as making text boxes larger, hidden text, and skewed graphics.   This disrupted layout may cause your program not to print properly.

You may want to consider putting the information in a text editor first.  By doing this you strip any formatting from the original document.  You will have to re-apply formatting, but you will have a clean text in your funeral program template.

Once you have entered your text, you can format and manipulate the text any way that you want.  Feel free to change font size, style, color and special effects.  You can also use word art and other graphical techniques.