Funeral Programs

A Funeral program is a commonly used term to describe the document that is given out during a funeral service.  This document usually contains a photo of the deceased, as well as information about the funeral known as an order of service, an obituary that outlines the persons life achievements and other personalized items such as poems, favorite sayings, bible scripture and any other information that the family would like to include.  Funeral Programs help guide the mourners through the service and commemorated the deceased.  They are often saved as mementos and keepsakes.

Funeral programs are commonly used in traditional funeral service.

Funeral programs can have the following information:

  1. A title or caption such as “In Loving Memory” or “In Remembrance”
  2. A cover photo of the deceased
  3. The deceased full name
  4. Funeral Service Details and Information (This may be optional)
  5. A Funeral Itinerary or Funeral Order of Service This information describes the order of events for the funeral or memorial service
  6. An obituary or tribute.  This can be a short obituary that describes the life accomplishments, work history and family of the deceased.  It could also be something a little more personalized such as a heartfelt tribute.
  7. Poems, Scriptures or quotes — Often included in programs and booklets
  8. Pall Bearer, Flower Bearer information — Usually included in more traditional funeral and memorial services
  9. Thank You statement or Acknowledgement — This is where the family thank all who attended the funeral and also give out special thanks to others that may have earned special recognition.

Funeral Program Layouts and Sizes

Funeral Programs can come in many different paper sizes and layouts.  You should choose the size and layout that best suits your needs.  For example, if you are having a simple service and don’t want to include a lot of information, consider a simple single fold, letter sized program.  It you have a lot of information that you would like to include, including clipart, photo collages and other personalized and decorative elements, consider using a multipage program or a program with a larger paper size.  Here are a few examples of layout and sizes.  For more details, see our information on funeral program layouts.

  1. Single Fold (Bifold) Programs — can be 8 1/2″x11″ or A4 size paper.  Folds down the middle and give 4 panels for information
  2. Trifold Programs — can be 8 1/2″x11″, 8 1/2″x14″ or A4 size paper.  This program folds twice horizontally giving 6 panels of available for information
  3. Graduated or Step Programs — Programs have a special fold that reveals a tab with information going down the right hand size.  These programs can be letter or tabloid sized.  They can also have one tab or 3 depending on paper size and layout configuration.
  4. Large Programs  — Can be made from 11″x17″ paper.  Folds in half and creates a large tabloid sized booklet. Additional pages can be added.  You can also make large programs with graduated, gatefold or trifold layouts.
  5. Funeral Card Programs — Half-sheet programs (similar to a greeting card).  Has a finished size of 5 1/2″x 4 1/4″

Funeral programs are not only functional documents that help guide the service, but they are cherished mementos that help celebrate the legacy of the deceased.  Many programs will contain very personalized information, and include many pictures and photo collages of family and friends.  You should make the funeral program a unique tribute to the life of your loved one.