Obituary Template

An obituary template be used to help easily create keepsake obituary programs for deceased family members and friends.  Obituary templates are documents made up of sample text to help you quickly and easily insert information and photos of the deceased.   The focal point of the obituary program is, of course, the obituary.  An obituary is a summary of the life of the deceased.  These templates can be found online and can be easily downloaded to a personal computer.

Contents of an Obituary Template

A standard obituary template consists of a variety of information about the deceased.  Here is a brief summary of what you can find in and template.

  • Full name and sometimes nickname of the deceased
  • A Cover Photo or image for the front of the program (Optional)
  • Obituary template caption of title, such as “Celebration of Life” or “Honoring her Spirit”
  • Funeral or Memorial Service information including service location, address, time, date and officiant.
  • Funeral Service Outline or Funeral or Memorial Order of Service
  • Obituary, Biography or Life Sketch of the deceased
  • Inspirational Funeral Poems or Passages
  • Inspirational Funeral Quotes or Scriptures
  • Additional photos of the deceased as well as friends, and family members and photo collages
  • Personal notes about the deceased
  • Pallbearers, Flower Bearers names
  • Internment or Burial Information
  • Information about Repast or Receptions
  • Thank you notes or Acknowledgements
  • Information about the Funeral Home hosting services

Selecting an Obituary Template

There are many different options for selecting an obituary template from the internet.  There as lots of companies that offer standard templates available for immediate download at various prices.  There are even some free obituary template download options available.  Here are some factors to consider when purchasing an obituary program template online.  If you need help deciding on a design, see our article on selecting the right template and  selecting an obituary template design

  • Decide on a paper size and obituary layout.  When looking at templates online, make sure you understand the paper size required as well as what the finished folded size of the template will be.  Make sure you understand how the template should be folded.  See our article on obituary template layouts for more information.
  • Decide on a program design or background image.   There are so many different design options to choose from.  You can go traditional and conservative and choose a very light border or no color at all, or you can choose a colorful background image for your template.  You can also choose from many different themes, such as flower backgrounds, church or religious themes.