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Funeral program templates can help you create funeral programs and memorial booklets quickly and easily. There really isn’t a funeral program template software application, but there are many different software programs that will allow you to create, open and edit your template.  These funeral program software programs and applications range in price and in ease of use.  If you purchase a funeral program template, it is very important to choose one that uses software that you are most comfortable with, so that you can focus on creating a beautiful and unique keepsake for your loved one, instead of struggling with a computer application that you may not be familiar with.   You will want to consider using software that will allow you to properly manipulate funeral program graphics, as well as text.   Here are some common software programs and applications that will allow you to open and edit your funeral programs templates.
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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a very well know word processing application, and almost everyone has access to it, either on a home computer, or on a work computer.  Most people have used this program before, and probably has a good comfort level with it.   Even though Microsoft Word is a Word Processor and not a desktop publishing application, there are many, many features that will allow you to add and manipulate photos and images, as well as use many different graphics and design elements such as Word Art, Autoshapes and Photo Correction tools.   You can also quickly and easily change fonts and font colors, add borders, and manipulate photos and clipart.  There are many funeral program templates  and obituary templates that are available in Microsoft Word, so if Word is the funeral program software you prefer to use, you can probably find a template in this format quickly and easily.  There are also many resources and videos available on the internet to show you how to make a funeral program in Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word is available for both PCs and MACS.  If you do not have MS Word, you can purchase a home version for less than $100.00.  There is also an online version available.  You can often get a free trial for a limited time.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publisher, which is specifically for graphics work.  There are many different  funeral program templates available in this format.  Publisher has many different graphics functions, and this program makes placing and manipulating photos a little easier than if using a traditional word processing program like word.  Most computers do not come with Microsoft Publisher, but it can be purchased for less than $100.

OpenOffice by Apache

OpenOffice is a free Office Software Package that works on both MAC and PCs.  OpenOffice Write is the Word Processing software that is compatible and can open Microsoft Word Documents.  OpenOffice Write has some of the same features as Word.  If you do not have access to Word, but still want to use a Word funeral program template, then download this free program and open your Word documents.  And…did I mention it was free!

IWork Pages for Mac

Pages for Mac is a very popular word processor for the Apple computer.  It is very reasonably priced (About $20), and will also open Microsoft Word documents.  You can use your Microsoft Word Templates on Pages for Mac.

Adobe Design Software

Adobe Software, such as Photoshop, InDesign and Elements are considered the standard for design and desktop publishing.  However, these software products often come with a hefty price tag and a steep learning curve.  Although these programs have lots of functionality, it is often overwhelming for the average person who wants to quickly and easily make a funeral program for there loved one.  Also, many of the functions are just not needed.

There is also the PDF (stands for “Portable Document Format”) platform.  PDF files help you to share and print files across different platforms.  The most common program for creating and printing PDF files is Adobe Acrobat.    Almost any software program, such as Word, Publisher, Pages, etc, can be converted to a PDF file .  Funeral program PDF files are read only, so they cannot be edited, and can be printed by free Adobe Acrobat, or many other PDF viewing programs.  There are also many online apps which will allow you to create, view and print pdf files.  PDFs tend to print out easier than other software applications, and you will not need special software to print, since almost all computers can display and print PDFs.  So if you need to share your finished program, or print it somewhere else, make a funeral program pdf.

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