Funeral Program Template Support

Here are some helpful tips for using your funeral program template. Our templates have the following features.

• All text is editable. Add Your Own Text and Captions or Titles to any part of our template
• Sample text is provided for all templates to make entering your information quick and easy.
• All Font Colors, Styles and Sizes can be Changed to make a unique memorial
• Add Your Own Photos, Images and Clipart and a custom look and feel

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What kind of software applications do I need?

Before you begin, make sure your computer has one of the following:
Windows-based PC or Apple Mac — Includes almost all operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8
Microsoft® Word 2003 or later or Microsoft® Publisher 2003 or later
Microsoft Word for Mac
Pages for Mac
OpenOffice for MAC or PC
Read funeral program template software for more information.

How Does it Work?

1. Choose A Funeral Program Template Design and Download Immediately
Select a design and a template layout from our extensive collection. Purchase your template using Paypal (You can pay with a PayPal account OR a Credit Card. Download your template immediately. See funeral program template designs for more information.

2. Customize and edit your template — Make it your own
Our templates use Microsoft Word or Publisher for easy editing. All text can be edited on our templates…even titles. Add your cover photo, poems, order of service and family photos and clipart. Also, use our templates as many times as you want! Once it’s downloaded it yours until you delete it from your computer. We recommend making a backup copy just in case something happens to your computer.

3. Print your template on your home computer, or take to a printer or copy shop
Our templates print beautifully on an ink jet or laser home printer. Or, you can copy your finished program to a portable disk or thumb drive and take it to a printer or copy shop and have them print for you.

How to Add Your Own Text

You can edit your funeral program template using Microsoft Word, Publisher, or any other editing application listed above. Our templates include text boxes filled with placeholder text that is standard for a funeral or memorial service. You can use the sample information provide get you started with creating your own information. To edit text, simply click on it, select it and replace it with your own information. You can type directly in the text box, or you can copy and paste information from another document.
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How to Add Your Picture

• Click in on “placeholder” cover photo and delete text.
• With Cursor still in placeholder photo box, Go to Insert | Picture | From File on the Word Main Menu. Navigate to where your picture is located. Click Insert.
• Photo should be inserted in placeholder box on front cover. Depending on the size of your picture, you may need to re-adjust text or image.
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