What to Put in Funeral Program

Whether you are creating a funeral program or memorial booklet on your yourself, or having some else do the programs for you,  you should decide what information you will want to include.  There are many different types of information you can include in your program.  You can make your program for a funeral as long and detailed, or as short and concise as you want it.  Here is a short list of items you can include in your funeral programs or booklet.

Funeral Program Template Banner

Funeral Program Cover

  • Cover Photo (Optional) Select a recent photo, or a photo from the past…or, add both.
  • Funeral Program Titles or Caption — This is usually something descriptive about the type of funeral or memorial service such as “Celebration of Life Service” or “Homegoing Service“.  You can also title the program that tells how you want to honor your loved one such as “Always in Our Hearts” or “In Loving Memory
  • Birth and Death Date
  • Funeral or Memorial Service Details — You can put the date, day, time, location and address of the service

Information Inside the Funeral Program

  • Funeral Service Outline or Funeral Order of Service — This tells the events of the funeral ceremony and also lists songs, hymns, readings and the order of events (including the names of the people speaking in the service).  You may want to check with church officials on the best way to write the order of service.   Your church may have funeral program guides and examples.   You can ask for a sample order of service, so you can have a general idea of how one looks.  If having an informal service,  you can arrange the service any way you prefer.
  • Funeral Program Obituary, Life Sketch or Biography — The obituary tells the life of the deceased, and lists birth place and places lived, schools attended, jobs, hobbies and family information.  This can be as brief or as detailed as you prefer.
  • Funeral Poems, scriptures, readings, or quotes — These items give you program a personal touch.  You can choose readings and poems that comfort mourners or passages that your loved one liked.
  • Family photos and funeral program collages — You can insert photos and arrange them to turn your funeral program into a treasured keepsake.

Funeral Program Back Cover Information

  • Information about Pall Bearers or Flower Bearers
  • Additional Poems
  • Thank Notes and special acknowledgements to guests, friends, family and staff
  • Reception or repast information
  • Information on where to donate

Of course, there are many more options for you memorial program.  The layout of your program as well as the size of the program and design will help you determine just how much information you may want to include.  If you want to include many family pictures and photo collages, you will need a larger funeral program template.  If you want to keep it simple, opt for a smaller sized layout, such as a funeral card or a one pager.  The