Easy Funeral Programs

If you have recently been tasked with planning a funeral for a loved one, there are many different tasks that have to take place.  One of those tasks is providing a funeral program or memorial booklet for your service.  There are many different ways you can get funeral programs made for your service, but if you are under a time constraint or if cost is an issue, you may want to make funeral programs at home.  Making your own funeral programs can be quick and easy if you use a funeral program template.

Funeral program templates are widely available on the internet, and come in many different designs and layouts.  You can also use them with a variety of software programs including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher and Apple Pages.  Once you find a template you like, simply download the template to your computer and begin editing and adding your pictures.  Professional templates should have sample information already laid out to make it easy for you to add you own personalized information.

Easy Funeral Programs

Here are some tips to make easy funeral programs that still look great to honor your loved one’s memory.

Use a Bifold (single fold) funeral program template

The bifold (single fold) template prints on standard letter sized 8 1/2″x11″ paper, which is easy to get and inexpensive.  There also are not fancy folds with the bifold layout.  You only have to worry about information for 4 panels of information, so completing, printing and folding  your program should be quick and easy.

Keep your program to one page (printed front and back or duplex).

Multiple pages on a program increases the time it takes to complete it.  It also increases the printing time as well as the costs associated with printing such as ink, toner and paper.

Keep photos to a minimum

Typically a funeral program will have one cover photo.  To keep the program simple, only use one photo.  If you do not have a photo, use a template that doesn’t need a cover photo.

Keep text formatting to a minimum

Once you’ve started typing in your information, you should keep formatting of text to a minimum.  Keep the standard font that comes with the template, don’t get carried away with bold, underlines, italics, etc.

Consult the internet for examples

Instead of trying to think of the funeral program wording, consult the internet for examples.  There are many examples of the funeral order of service, sample obituaries, funeral poems, scriptures, acknowledgements and thank you.  You can save hours of time getting ideas from other sources.

You an quickly and easily make and print your own programs if you use these time-saving tips.  You will end up with a beautiful funeral program that your family and friends will cherish.