Funeral Program Template Download

Downloading a Funeral Program Template

If you have purchased a funeral or memorial program template online, you can usually download it immediately from the website. To “download” is to copy or transfer the file from the website to your computer. If you are downloading a template, you will be working on a copy of that template that is on YOUR computer. All changes and edits will be on your computer.  Also check out our article on “How to Create a Funeral Program” for more information on making a funeral or memorial program or card.  After you’ve purchased your template, you will usually receive some kind of instructions on how to download your template. Usually, you will be transferred or redirected to a download area, with a button that will allow you to get your template file. You will also receive some kind of email confirmation of your purchase.  Your email confirmation may also contain a link that you can click that will take you to your downloadable funeral program template.
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On the website, once you have purchased a template you will go to your order details information. You can click on these details, and you will see a link that will let you download your template. You may also receive your template as an email attachment.

Tips for Downloading Templates

1. When downloading templates, make sure you pay attention to where your file is being downloaded. Typically the file will go in a folder called “My Downloads”, but this can vary from computer to computer. It can also vary based on the browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome).

2. When downloading, make sure you Save the File First!! This is very important. Sometimes, your computer will try to open the file for you automatically. When this happen, your computer decides what program to use, and sometimes it doesn’t select the right program. Also, if you start editing the template without actually saving the file first, you can potentially lose all of your changes.

Important: After you have downloaded your template, make sure you save it, and you know where it is located, before you start editing.

3. Before editing your template, make a copy of it first. Rename the file that you will be working on with something descriptive (such as moms program.doc or something). Now, if you make a mistake that you cannot recover from, you can go back to the original template file and start again.  See our article on how to edit your funeral program template located on this website.

4. If you will be using the template again, consider making a backup copy of the template on a portable drive.  You can copy your file onto your “cloud” file storage, a USB drive, or any removeable drive.  Copying your file to an external drive will keep your file safe just in case your current computer is damaged, or you get a new computer.