Memorial Service Programs

Memorial service programs are booklets that are given out during a memorial service that give information about the deceased and information about the memorial service.

A memorial service differs from a funeral service because the body of the deceased is not usually present during the service.  Memorial services are typically less formal that an traditional funeral service and can be held in non traditional locations such as a park, the beach, a community center or small chapel or many other locations.  Since these services are less formal , the programs can be less formal, too.  If you are looking for information on a traditional funeral program, please see our article on funeral programs or obituary program templates.

Things to Include in a Memorial Service Program:

Memorial service programs can contain serveral pictures, and pieces of information including:

  1. Cover Photo (optional)
  2. Formal obituary, tribute or biography
  3. Outline of service information
  4. Heartfelt stories about the deceased
  5. Photos of family and friends
  6. List of surviving family members
  7. Favorite quotes
  8. Poems, scriptures and song lyrics
  9. Thank you notes to attendees and people who helped with service

Memorial Service Program Layout

Memorial Service programs can come in a variety of sizes and layouts, including the standard half-folded 8 1/2″x11″ format.  You can also experiment with Trifold, Graduated fold and smaller funeral cards if you want something a little different.  For more details on paper size and design options, see our article on memorial service program layouts on this website.  You can choose to have your programs done for you, or you can easily make them yourself by using memorial service program templates.  Making the program yourself will ensure that your loved one has a unique and personalized program that reflects his or her personality.

Sample Memorial Program Cover


This sample memorial program uses the Red Rose memorial program template.  This design has a vibrant red border with 2 beautiful red roses on top.  The cover has the memorial program title “In Memorial”,but can easily be changed to something else.  The full name, and funeral service information is featured on the cover, and the birth and death date are also located on the front.

The back cover displays a heartfelt funeral poems as well as a family acknowledgement, thanking family and friends.  There is also space on the template to include branding information, such as funeral home, church or printer’s business information.

Sample Memorial Program Inside Page

The left side of this program has a standard funeral order of service, which list all the events that will take place at the memorial service.  It also list the internment service information.  The internment is the burial ceremony, sometimes held at an alternate location.  The right hand side of this program has an obituary or life sketch with gives the details of the deceased life.  It lists where the person was born, family member, jobs held, hobbies and other details of the person’s life.  See the article on how to write an obituary for a memorial program for more information.